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Jason McCain and David Forest

Jason McCain and Jeremy Tucker

Gay Porn Stars Will Clark and Jason McCain - two men kissing in public

Chad Donovan and Jason McCain were Will Clark's special guest stars at last night's Cocktails with the Stars in West Hollywood.

We all know Chad Donovan's story.  Shot his first gay porn in 1991.  Been doing a fine job of it ever since.  Nice guy.  Great cock, nice big cock.  Cock. Cock. Cock.  Now directing videos, including White Party Weekend for OGV.  Great video. And I've known Chad for years and he's always very personable.  Nice guy.  Good family man (walks his dogs nightly).  

Then came the SHOCK of the evening.  Jason McCain.  Not that I even paid much attention to him before last night.  Heard his name.  Knew he had done a ton of straight videos and has jumped the fence to becoming a gay porn video performer.  blah blah blah.  OK, here we go.  Now I have to see Jason McCain in videos because he blew me away with his personality.  

He was handsome, he had the eyes, nice body (could use a little work, but what the heck).  And he seemed proud of the fact that he was now going to be banging other men in videos.  Admitted he had been fucking guys off camera and was eager to talk about his first gay videos.  Although Jason would have you believe he's going to be an exclusive top (at least in front of the camera), his super agent David Forest will whisper differently in your ear, or on a microphone, or bull horn, basically any one who will listen that there is a chance Jason may bottom for Ken Ryker in an upcoming video.  Ouch.  

In any event, I was blown away by Jason's enthusiasm, his looks and his ability to play well with others.  Now I have to check out some of his videos.  Even if they are straight.

Photos: (top) Gay Porn Star Jason McCain and David Forest; (center) Jason McCain and Jeremy Tucker; (bottom) Bottom and host of Cocktails of the Stars:  Will Clark making out in public with Jason McCain and loving every tongue in mouth moment of it .  Photo (c) Jon Royce - MightyMen.Com

Cocktails of the Stars takes place every Thursday evening at Micky's in West Hollywood.  6 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. with host Will Clark.

June is Forest of the Stars month, or is it David Forest month or is it Forest Ranger's month.  Who knows, it just means June will feature men from the Forest Family of Stars, of which, Jason McCain is one.  As well as Chad Donovan.

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