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A-Men bbs went online in 1993 as a West Hollywood local gay cruise service and photo taking service - a lot of hot naked men came through our doors. Now, 16 years later we've got 5 hot sites and thousands of original nude photos of men, videos and members. We spent much of the past few years photographing our members (Men Across America) for the American Men Net Suite of Sites: MightyMen.Com, MightyJocks.Com, MuscleElite.Com, GayPornStars.US, JonRoyce.Com and more to come. The guys are all real - the photos are all original and exclusive. All members and models are over 20 and provided proof of age as required by law. You could be next.

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MightyMen.Com - Naked Men, Nude Male Models, Amateurs and Pros
What's On MightyMen.Com? Our biggest site. Hot nude muscle models - amateurs, pros, porn stars and more. Since 1997 MightyMen.Com has featured some of the hottest real men across America. Original and exclusive photo spreads and video clips of our members and nude male models. The the MightyMen.Com Stud Directory.
See gay photographer Jon Royce's Model Search.
male models muscle men,  model search JonRoyce.Com - Male Models, Muscle Men, Nude Male Model Search
What's on JonRoyce.Com? That's our photographer's site and it features all of our hot male models from MIghtyMen.Com, MightyJocks.Com, and GayPornStars.US. Now's your chance to appear in a video with another guy or simply solo. It seems as though everyone is doing it. Accountants, lawyers, waiters, doctors, straight guys, nude muscle men, hot college boys, and the fireman next door. Amateurs getting naked in front of the camera is nothing new. That's how American Men Network started in 1993 - with our A-Men bbs and an online photo library of our members - naked men strutting their stuff in front of the camera. Skip ahead 10 years and you'll find some of the hottest guys in the country stripping and stroking right before your very eyes.
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MuscleElite.Com - Nude Bodybuilders:
What's On MuscleElite.Com? Nude Bodybuilders - A new site for our naked straight men and smooth natural body builders. We photographed "Zoltan" for MuscleElite.Com. He's totally hot. 27 y.o. smooth and natural body builder. Straight, but yet he got naked for your cameras. Uh huh. In any event, his MuscleElite.Com photo shoot is part of the American Men Net membership.
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Ammen.Net Blog - Our Naked Men Blog - comment and post
MightyMen.TV Blog - New, News on our MightyMen.Com site
MaleModels.TV - Handsome, Muscle Models Wanted

Handsome Muscle Models Wanted:

Guys 21 and over wanted for photo shoots, shirtless muscle flexing pics, videos and more.

Muscle Male Models Wanted
MightyMen.Com and AmMen.Net were the host sites for the annual Men in Video Awards between the years 1996 and 2000. Our awards show is now defunct, but we still sponsor events, including the annual Bad Boys Pool Party in Palm Springs. See Headlines for photos from our porn star parties and our monthly NO PANTS gay sex fuck parties..

Photos from the Bad Boys Pool Party in Palm Springs, California.
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