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Ripped Abs, Muscle Pecs, Biceps, male model Bo Garrett - Bo Garrett stars in Biker Pigs from Hell.

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American Men Network Headlines * September 8 1998 * BO'S BACK ON TOP *

Saturday October 17, 1998 * HOLLYWOOD CA

BO GARRETT, star of the new video BIKER PIGS FROM HELL, bartends in the buff at A-Men House Party.

BO GARRETT, tops Steve Cannon in his new video scheduled for an October release. An A-Men cast and press party will take place Saturday Oct. 17th in Hollywood with Bo Garrett himself taking on the honorary A-Men Bartender in the Buff duties. RSVP's are required. Everyone is invited.

The gay porn release party is being hosted by gay porn photographer Jon Royce. Photo right, compliments of Thor Stephens. Photos below by Jon Royce.

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Bo Garrett, Hard  Muscle Pecs
Muscle Thick Cock - Bo Garrett rips his tight white underwear Gay Porn Super Star and undeniable Hunk Bo Garrett (he's got a big thick muscle cock) will appear in his first video since his 1997 Catallina release SLICK. "Biker Pigs from Hell" is scheduled for an October 1998 release. Director Thor Stephens reports that during Bo's scene with Steve Cannon, he just threw away the script and let them go at it. Garrett commented on the sex scenes with Steve Cannon -- "Sex with Steve was rough .....just the way I like it".

Thor Stephens told us: "Since the first and original 'LEATHER OBSESSION' I created and directed a few years ago, I have been wanting to move back into the leather genre, but less leather and more biker (since the "leather" thing has been ruined by a certain company) ."
Fans of Bo will see much of his body mostly shirtless and nude throughout the Bikers video. The sex fight with Bo and Steve in the final scene was as real as can be. I directed them to 'really' get into it and did they. At one point, Bo literally pulls Steve into the air when he jerks him from the ground towards him in anger. Bo then proceded to slap Steve and spit in his face several times. I loved it!"


Ripped abs, pecs, biceps, muscle hunk Bo Garrett and Cole Tucker Garrett is seen here getting his armpits licked by Cole Tucker early in the evening at our A-Men Pre-Probies party on July 10th. Cole was our Bartender in the Buff at this party and hadn't yet stripped for the evening.

An A-Men release party for Bo's new video is scheduled for Saturday October 17th and will take place at a private home in Hollywood. Garrett is slated for the Bartender in the Buff duties: "What the hell ....Im gonna do it ....Sounds like fun !". A large turnout is expected, including many top porn stars and industry execs., but this party is open to the public. Directions will be given via e-mail. All A-Men parties are private parties and we reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone for any reason. Guys 21 and over only. Cole Tucker sniffs Bo's sweatty armpits.

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